about Susan Taylor

Susan is passionate about teaching individuals and teams to take control of their lives and get the results they truly want. Whether it’s boosting productivity, sales performance or profit; replacing procrastination with better results; getting more done in less time with less effort; or helping clients achieve their personal definition of freedom, she is in her element.

With over 35 years business experience in the airline, architecture, finance, and retail service sectors she applies her expertise to deliver results. Susan has had the good fortune to have learned from some incredible teachers along the way including the legendary Bob Proctor, who was featured in “The Secret” and “The Abundance Factor”.

Susan facilitates the “Thinking Into Results” program from the Proctor Gallagher Institute because it’s proven formula works. It’s methodology sparks dramatic change in performance and results.

She is dedicated to helping individuals unlock the power of their minds, and organizations unleash the incredible potential of their number one asset – people.

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